Friday, 1 March 2013

What a Week

These past seven days are best summed up with a single word: chaotic.

The new house purchase seems to have dominated all my time. I have run around to banks, lawyers, banks, real estate agents, banks. We've purchased insurance, signed contracts, produced two bank cheques, opened multiple accounts and received numerous credit cards (not sure how that happened, exactly, but I'll sort it out later). Money is flying out the door in lots of $1000 - every expense we have seems to be at or around that figure.

In the middle of this chaos, we're trying to get the current house ready to sell. Insert more real estate agents, some heavy housework, a lot of gardening. My printer blew up, putting an end to my plans to have the Save the Date cards for the wedding done to give to my father in law before he heads back to the UK next weekend.

I've picked up some strange rash from last weekend's gardening efforts that periodically results in one arm looking like it has the measles. The Boy has worked past 8pm two nights this week and has had to be at work before 7:30am at least once. My ongoing sinus infection has flared so that I have a headache most of the day and an earache by mid-afternoon.

But you know what? Life is good. We've had time to go out to dinner with The Boy's dad - a thank you for the effort he's put in painting and cleaning around our house. We share a glass of wine with dinner. We're excited about the new house. I'm ordering Tupperware (and yes, I am just OCD enough to get a little thrill in my tummy at the thought of my beautifully ordered new pantry). I've caught up on the washing and most of the ironing.

My scrapbooking has taken a hit. I've taken photos throughout the week for Project Life but due to the printer malfunction have not yet printed them. No matter; they'll still be there when a new printer arrives (or I go to KMart and print them off).

Sometimes life gets in the way...and I'm okay with that.

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