Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Ten Minutes

That's all it took for me to catch up on Project Life this week.

The timeline went as follows:

Minute 1: Turn on printer, load photo paper and collect pens and Project Life Core kit from my craft desk.

Minutes 2-4: Send photos to the printer directly from my phone. Let the dog out while I'm waiting for them to print; give the cat a treat.

Minute 3: Round the corners of the photos using the We R Memory Keepers Corner Rounder. LOVE that tool! Think about what I want to write as journalling.

Minute 4: Sit down on the family room floor with the photos, the core kit, my journalling pens and my album. Tease The Boy about the crappy result of the football team he's watching on tv.

Minute 5: Slip the photos into their pockets and choose the journalling cards.

Minutes 6 -9: Write up the journalling. Make a major error on one card, tear it up, and start again. Continue to tease The Boy about football.

Minute 10: Slip the journalling cards into their pockets.

Honestly, that's all the time it took to complete four days' worth of Project Life. Perhaps if you count the time I spent contemplating my journalling on the drive home from work, it took a bit longer. But from the time I turned on the printer till the time I tucked the last journalling card in, about ten minutes passed.

The photo isn't great, but the real life product certainly is.

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