Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Carn, They Cry

The Australian Poet, Bruce Dawe, has a wonderful poem entitled Life Cycle which casts what I tend to think of as a uniquely Australian perspective on the role of AFL in the life of a Victorian. I am neither Victorian (my brother is, by birth at least) nor an AFL supporter (I watch the odd grand final) but every so often, when I'm sitting at the rugby, I remember a few phrases of the poem and smile.

"And the tides of life will be the tides of the home team's fortunes
- the reckless proposal after the one-point win,
the wedding and honeymoon after the grand-final..."

The Boy didn't propose after a one-point fact, I'm not sure his team played at all that weekend. Nor are we waiting till after the football season is over to get married; our wedding date is at the start of the rugby season and the business end of the English football season. But as we were watching the Brumbies play on Saturday night, I did wonder if we'd booked our wedding on one of their first home games next season...

* Carn is Australian vernacular for "Come on" when screamed at a sporting event - as in "carn you mug, haveabloodygo whydon'tcha?"

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