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Tuesday, 5 March 2013


This week's Project Life spread is memorable for a couple of reasons.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Them Aching Bones

We spent five hours in the front garden today in preparation for putting our house on the market. It wasn't pottering around the edges...oh, no. This was a full slash n burn effort. We took out one tree. We  cut endless branches of brush. We picked up an entire trailer load of debris under just one gum tree. There were five of us and we worked solidly for well over five hours. It rained for four and a half of those hours. We took three full-to-bursting trailer loads to the tip. We were wet, dirty and absolutely filthy by the time we finished but the garden looks fabulous and I think we've probably added $10k on the house price with the effort.

I did wonder if I should stop and take a few photos for my album, but some things just aren't conducive to Project Life...stopping work in the middle of a working bee to take photos of other people working in the pouring rain is one of them!

We've all pulled up somewhat sore, with a collection of aching knees and ankles and wrists. I'm reminded of my very Scottish grandfather remarking on "them aching bones" when thinking back on his work in the coal mines.

We shared a well-earned bottle of red tonight. And now, I'm off to bed.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Carn, They Cry

The Australian Poet, Bruce Dawe, has a wonderful poem entitled Life Cycle which casts what I tend to think of as a uniquely Australian perspective on the role of AFL in the life of a Victorian. I am neither Victorian (my brother is, by birth at least) nor an AFL supporter (I watch the odd grand final) but every so often, when I'm sitting at the rugby, I remember a few phrases of the poem and smile.

"And the tides of life will be the tides of the home team's fortunes
- the reckless proposal after the one-point win,
the wedding and honeymoon after the grand-final..."

The Boy didn't propose after a one-point fact, I'm not sure his team played at all that weekend. Nor are we waiting till after the football season is over to get married; our wedding date is at the start of the rugby season and the business end of the English football season. But as we were watching the Brumbies play on Saturday night, I did wonder if we'd booked our wedding on one of their first home games next season...

* Carn is Australian vernacular for "Come on" when screamed at a sporting event - as in "carn you mug, haveabloodygo whydon'tcha?"

Friday, 15 February 2013


My decision to simplify my Project Life process this year has paid off over the last week, which has been crazy busy and intense…short story, we bought a house. 

Quick and Cheerful

It's my mum's birthday this week (tomorrow, in fact) and in keeping with my New Year's resolution to make cards for all the family birthdays this year*, I pulled out a Studio Calico kit and got cutting. It's a very simple card and it didn't take long to make, but I think Mum will like it. I hope so, anyway.

* My one exception thus far is my brother - I bought his because I found the perfect card for him. Some things are too good to walk away from!